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    More FREE online courses to take, & ways to earn your degree, without leaving your own home!!

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    The more you know…

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    One of the best from @audemarspiguet.


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    5’4, 127lbs These Legs were built with a lot of work and consistency. Today’s Leg Workout:

    100 Squats (Break them into sets)
    3X30 Lunges
    2X30 Calf Raises
    2X30 Leg Raises
    3X10 Froggy Leap
    (If you do not know what these exercises are listed don’t be afraid to google them)
    My Arms are very lean in Pictures but don’t get it twisted my flex is real!😉 #TeamFitness #ICan #IWill #Iam #DoIt

    Ladies, pay attention…

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    That coat is money..:

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    Nur Hellmann in “Africa And The City” photographed by Kenneth Willardt For Vanity Fair Italia April 2014


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  7. fastcompany:

    You’d think something as universal as money would be hassle-free to use. But with banks and card networks acting as invisible middlemen and imposing sizable exchange fees, some companies are creating radical new approaches to move cash from one place to another. Read more>

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    Got to Love a Jeep Wrangler!

    Rubicon’s are pure money….

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  9. Some really nice shirts….

  10. evolutionofagentleman:

    Damn Wale! You killed it with this collection! The bottom pic is my favorite piece of the collection though. Shawl collar tuxedo jacket? Sick.

    The fabrics…

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  11. ourafrica:

    HANNIBAL - RULER OF CARTHAGE (Mordern day Tunisia)
    Regarded as one of the greatest generals of all time, Hannibal and his overpowering African armies conquered major portions of Spain and Italy and came close to defeating the mighty Roman Empire.

    Born in the North African country of Carthage, Hannibal became general of the army at age twenty-five. His audacious moves-such as marching his army with African war elephants through the treacherous Alps to surprise and conquer Northern Italy-and his tactical genius, as illustrated by the Battle of Cannae where his seemingly trapped army cleverly surrounded and destroyed a much larger Roman force, won him recognition which has spanned more than 2004 years.

    This is Africa, our Africa

    A giant among men…

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  13. Art…

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  14. Friends Who Know Something


    I was disappointed two years ago to learn that my friend Stephen would no longer continue his site The Simply Refined. His blog was always one of my favorites. Focused on classic clothing (often of the tailored variety), it was informative without being overly stuffy. On the upside, he left it to start a new job as the associate editor of Hodinkee, which means for the past two years, I’ve had someone to bother every time I’ve had a question about watches.

    Most of my questions regard watches I think I can wear with casual clothing, as my current 1968 Rolex Oyster is something I only wear with a coat and tie. My first instinct was to get a pilot watch, perhaps something from Stowa or Laco, but after seeing some vintage pieces at Hodinkee, I wanted something with a bit more provenance. So, Stephen and I talked about the possibility of me buying a CWC, a company that makes relatively inexpensive watches for military use. A vintage chronograph like this, for example, goes for about $1,000 to $2,000, and since they weren’t available to civilians, that means each piece was actually worn by a pilot at some point. They also come in 38/ 39mm, which is a great for a guy like me, who has small wrists. 

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    Exquisite beauty

    She is one of the most beautiful women on this site

    😱 big pretty eyes

    It’s the eyes…

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