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    Noor Tagouri | Washington D.C.


    By: Langston Hues

    That smile…

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    Uetam Suede Full Straps

    Carmina at The Armoury

    Trunk Show on now in New York

    I like…


  5. Luxury Cars


    Aston Martin is the only global luxury-auto producer that doesn’t belong to a larger manufacturing group.

    The more you know…

  7. A BBC documentary done a few years ago about the complexities of poverty in a growing city (Lagos)…

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    "We are the ones we have been waiting for." -Alice Walker


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    Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 Targa.

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    A beauty…

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  11. Art..

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    50 Joins “The Breakfast Club” for their First Day on Revolt TV

    Part 2

    This was entertaining.  50 entertains on so many levels and I like him.
    With that said, he should do himself a favor and focus on his other ventures and not music.  What he said about Dre or Puff not having any no.1 hits for close to 10 years applies to him as well.
    50 was a sensational non-Pop artist (in same line as a DMX, Shabba Ranks, Ja-rule, Nelly, Marlyn Mason, etc).  Sensational non-Pop artist by nature have a very short tenure.  They come out and sell 10 million records and get launched into a stratosphere that can’t be sustained in their genre.  What happens next is tragic (the artist starts to get formulaic to create that old magic). The glory and excitement they once created is long gone but neither them nor their camp will accept it, so they keep chasing a dream.
    The only sensational non-Pop artist that remained successful with years of hits was Bob Marley.  He was a once in several life times phenom.  
    50 is trying everything to get that hit, if it happens I’ll be shock.  In non-Pop music the lasting careers are the ones that move along and grows organically but not sensationally (i.e. LL cool J, Nas, Jay, Aerosmith, etc).  The organic growth allows the artist to change the subjects and content of their music without feeling like they are losing their audience.  
    It’s sad to listen to 50 talk about selling crack or doing stickups but that’s the only thing I and the majority of his audience wants to hear from him.  He can’t win.  When he talks the drug and gun talk it doesn’t feel authentic coming from him now.  When he tries any other content, I’m not listening.  That’s not the 50 I bought into years ago.  He said it best when he said “I’m a victim of my own success.”  He’s right, he knows he can’t win, but he just won’t accept it.
    Ps. 50 is not going to win against an artist that has organically grown like Officer Ricky.  His jabs at Ricky are entertaining but can’t do any serious damage.  Officer Ricky is not a Ja-Rule, Mc Hammer or Milli Vanilli for that matter.
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  14. Flawless Human Beings » Gina Torres » Gina Torres Alphabet

    ↳ C → cuban-american
    "I was on a plane watching a documentary about Diana Vreeland, who was the editor of Vogue for years, who is incredible […] They asked her ‘How do you get to be Diana Vreeland?’ and her response was ‘Well, darling, first you have to arrange to be born in Paris!’ And that worked for her, and that’s great, but if someone were to ask me, I’d say: First, you’d have to arrange to be born in the Bronx, to two brilliant, fantastic, Cuban immigrants who taught me grace under fire…sometimes quite literally, ‘cause it was the Bronx…who taught me that work was a blessing and not a chore, who taught me that you determine your self worth and that you tell people who you are…they don’t get to tell you." - Gina Torres

    "you determine your self worth and that you tell people who you are…they don’t get to tell you."

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    "Yonce" Girls: Chanel Iman, Jourdan Dunn, Joan Smalls

    All on this mouf like….


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