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  3. Friends Who Know Something


    I was disappointed two years ago to learn that my friend Stephen would no longer continue his site The Simply Refined. His blog was always one of my favorites. Focused on classic clothing (often of the tailored variety), it was informative without being overly stuffy. On the upside, he left it to start a new job as the associate editor of Hodinkee, which means for the past two years, I’ve had someone to bother every time I’ve had a question about watches.

    Most of my questions regard watches I think I can wear with casual clothing, as my current 1968 Rolex Oyster is something I only wear with a coat and tie. My first instinct was to get a pilot watch, perhaps something from Stowa or Laco, but after seeing some vintage pieces at Hodinkee, I wanted something with a bit more provenance. So, Stephen and I talked about the possibility of me buying a CWC, a company that makes relatively inexpensive watches for military use. A vintage chronograph like this, for example, goes for about $1,000 to $2,000, and since they weren’t available to civilians, that means each piece was actually worn by a pilot at some point. They also come in 38/ 39mm, which is a great for a guy like me, who has small wrists. 

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    Exquisite beauty

    She is one of the most beautiful women on this site

    😱 big pretty eyes

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    Introducing our string loafer!

    The perfect shoe for the upcoming warmer season, made in navy Rapello suede & single leather soles on the RON last.

    As on all our loafers, the apron is 100% hand stitched. It also features our new full grain vegtan sock liner. A thicker & heavier leather that will age beautifully.

    Further info ——> #101512

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    Here they are, the most important charts in the world.

    We asked our favourite portfolio managers, strategists, analysts, and economists across the Street for the charts they deem the most important right now. This is what they sent us.


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    Jasmine Tookes featured in “A fashionable woman wears clothes. The clothes don’t wear her” photographed by Walter Chin for  Glass Magazine’s Spring 2014 issue. Makeup by Sarah Appleby using Chanel Beauty. Hair by Herve for Davines. Fashion Editor: Sarah Cobb


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    Starring: Porsche 911 GT3 Cup
    (by 19Bozzy92)

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    Noor Tagouri | Washington D.C.


    By: Langston Hues

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    Uetam Suede Full Straps

    Carmina at The Armoury

    Trunk Show on now in New York

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