1. fastcompany:

    Here is Fast Company’s ultimate guide to navigating conversation in the modern workplace.

           - Turn a bad idea into a good idea by asking “why?”

           - Win the mind game.

    To harness the power of others’ unconscious brains, kick off every important dialogue with your pearly whites. “If I smile at someone, mirror neurons mimic that behavior. To some extent, that person smiles inside.”

           - Cut the urgency BS. “High Priority” emails will get you no where.

           - Tackle failure. 

    • Avoid blame.
    • Ask questions.
    • Make failure a regular part of conversation.

           - Understand your quiet colleagues. 

           - Explain an idea. 

                  - Keep explanations clear and simple. 

    What are some other tips for navigating conversation in the workplace?

    Want more from Fast Company on conversations?

    [Image: Marekuliasz via Shutterstock][Post: m.cecelia bittner]

    Time to practice…

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    Time to practice…
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    Some basics people should know. Especially...bits on “highly important” emails and...
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    Awesome advice. I find that humility is key in any productive conversation.
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    Be positive. Be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Banish negativity.
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    learn something new every day.
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