1. fastcompany:

    3 Paths Toward A More Creative Life

    In an era of volatility, uncertainty, chaos, and ambiguity, being creative is perhaps the best way to navigate your career and succeed. 

    Here are three specific ways that can help you lead a creative life from innovation and design expert Bruce Nussbaum.


    We are all so connected these days and distracted by constant interactions. Our time is spent responding, reacting to others or absorbing, taking in new information. But we often lack the space, the time, the moment to integrate that knowledge, connect those dots, generate that creativity. Slowing down and disconnecting provides that space.

    You need to allow your creativity to flow without interruption and to let your mind to fill up.


    You need to allow your creativity to flow without interruption and to let your mind to fill up.


    To be very creative, however, requires a deep mastering of both knowledge and skills. 

    Read the full story here.

    [Images: Heads via Shutterstock]


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