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    5 Stupid Reasons You’re Underpaid- And How To Fix Them 

    You are not being out-earned because you are being out-skilled.  People often have blindspots about getting paid— so pull back the veil and start earning what you’re worth. 

    Dave Fecak knows whywe aren’t making enough. Fecak has had long exposure to technologists’ salaries: He’s been a part of software recruiting since 1998. And while his points are directly intended for programmers, they carry currency beyond coders.

    These are the reasons you aren’t making enough.

    • Image consciousness
    • The first negotiation
    • Know the market (and your place in it)
    • Profit or cost?
    • Skill scarcity

    Here’s the story.

    Why are you underpaid?

    Good to know…

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    Good to know…
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    Selling for startups is a rare skill set.
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