1. fastcompany:

    Your Personal Brand Is More Than Your Follower Count

    Your brand isn’t about numbers, it’s about how people experience you in real life.

    We’ve been discussing personal brands at Fast Company for a while now—like since 1997—but most of the time when we discuss the Brand Called You, we fittingly focus on Twitter tai chi and LinkedIn leverage. While these mediums are essential, we do live at least some of our lives offline—and your personal brand is present there, though you don’t get automated emails about it.

    What we need, then, is a more holistic perspective. Writing for Forbes, Glenn Llopis supplies us with one:

    “A personal brand is the total experience of someone having a relationship with who you are.”

    So live mindfully—and authentically.

    Branding isn’t acting the part—performing all day will drain you—but rather the consequence of living with authenticity. Like a wise woman once said, “brand is an exhaust fume from you running the engine of your life.”

    Read the rest here.

    [Image: Flickr user Kurt Haubrich]

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