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    Bloomberg’s head of tech Catherine Hui handed out tons of great career tips at a recent Girls in Tech/Facebook meetup. Here, some of the best:

     On mistakes:

    “Acknowledge your mistakes and you’ll be fine.”

    “It’s not about making a mistake - it’s about how you handle it.”

    “The sky is going to fall at some point. The key is how you handle the post-mortem.” 

    On mentorship:

    “Find someone who has your best interest in mind - that’s a true mentor.”

    Don’t be shy. People want to help you.

    Meet with your mentors/members of your network regularly.

    Choose your mentor wisely.

    Have at least one or two awesome geeks in your network of mentors.

    On who she hires:

    What blogs do they follow? What is their favorite news source? Does this person have a natural curiosity for what’s happening?

    Can this person learn fast?

    People don’t necessarily need to have a tech background- but they should have communication skills, be a team player, and most importantly they should have common sense/strong problem solving skills.

    And finally, these gems: 

    “We [women] need to learn how to ask for things … Men never wait to ask.”

    “I didn’t become who I am by accident. I struggled through the whole journey.” 

    Read more about the event here! Also, here are some tips for finding (and keeping) great mentors. 


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