1. A BBC documentary done a few years ago about the complexities of poverty in a growing city (Lagos)…

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    The Journey to Amalgamation is about the creation of modern Nigeria.

    The documentary takes viewers on an engaging journey from the early empires and great city-states to the legends of pre-colonial Nigeria and the stories of those individuals who fought valiantly to preserve the sovereignty of Nigeria in the face of colonial rule.

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    One of the most perplexing features of Nigeria’s economy is its dependence on fuel imports. The country is Africa’s largest oil producer, with output close to 2 million barrels of crude per day; while consumption amounts to just 267,000 bpd. And yet, the country imports a whopping three-fourths of its domestically consumed oil from abroad.

    The problem is a lack of refineries. Those that exist are theoretically capable of churning out 445,000 bpd of usable fuel, but maintenance problems keep the real output around half that figure.

    Now, Africa’s richest man is stepping in with a possible solution. Aliko Dangote, founder of Dangote Industries, just signed a $3.3 billion loan deal to build Africa’s largest refinery in Nigeria’s southwest, along with petrochemical and fertilizer plants. Dangote says the refinery will be opened by 2016, creating thousands of jobs and doubling Nigeria’s fuel production capacity. The total projected cost of $9 billion will be covered by $6 billion in loan capital and $3 billion in equity from Dangote Industries, the Financial Times reports.

    "This plant will further entrench Africa’s role on the global map as not only a valued contributor for natural resources, but also a competent manufacturer of refined products and fertilizer,” Dangote said in a statement.

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    29-year-old Ayodeji Adewunmi first took an interest in the Internet in 2006, while studying medicine at Nigeria’s Obafemi Awolowo University. He spent the next three years learning the intricacies of establishing and sustaining a business before starting his own company, Jobberman.com.

    In August of 2009, I started Jobberman.com with two friends, Opeyemi Awoyemi and Olalekan Olude. We decided to focus on the online job space for three reasons: one, the market opportunity considering the ever growing number of people within the working population was too huge to ignore; two, the increasing rate of connectivity and broadband penetration was telling; and three, the low capital requirement removed all the inertia to starting.

    Today, Jobberman is the most trafficked job site in sub-Saharan Africa, with over 700,000 professionals and 9,000 companies, and is in a strong financial position with venture backing from Tiger Global. I’ve had the opportunity to play an important role in the company’s growth and development and I’ve learnt and am still learning important lessons around entrepreneurship.

    It is critical to focus on fundamentals (via Diary Of An Under 30 CEO: Entrepreneurial Lessons From Jobberman.com - Ventures Africa)

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    A production of the Northern Nigeria Information service in 1959 presents “Giant in the Sun”

    A short documentary showing the foundation laid down for the development of the Northern region just before Nigeria’s independence in 1960.

    This is believed to be one of the earliest colored film shot in Nigeria.

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    As the continent’s most populous nation, Nigeria’s monumental scale helps to position it firmly in the centre of a much wider fashion stage covering virtually all demographic cohorts. To put its 174 million people into perspective, consider for a moment that there are more Nigerians than there are Japanese or Russians or citizens of any other country in Europe. It also means that one out of every five people in sub-Saharan Africa is a Nigerian. While it is true that more than half of Nigerians continue to live in abject poverty, the remaining 75 million who are upwardly mobile dwarf the entire population of South Africa as a diverse market force. Nigeria’s main rival to the south can still count more wealthy residents; its overall economy is bigger; and its fashion market more developed. But Nigeria is fast picking up the pace.

    “A real indication of the mass growth of the retail industry can be seen in the increase in number of successful online retailers like Jumia, Konga, 5th and Quansah,” says Akerele. “The Nigerian consumer is warming up to the idea of online retail thanks to order efficiency with the help of local debit and credit cards from financial institutions such as GTBank. And ASOS now also delivers to Nigeria, going against the stigma of internet fraud associated with Nigeria.”

    Jumia.com.ng and Konga.com both sell a small selection of merchandise from international fashion brands such as Calvin Klein, Diesel, River Island, Adidas, Zara, Forever 21, H&M, TopShop, Guess, Bulgari and Gucci.


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    New central bank regulations and difficulties in operating outside the domestic environment are not stopping Nigerian banks laying out plans for new pan-African growth.

    Up to now, UBA has been the most noted of Nigerian banks for its pan-African business. Between 2008 and 2011, UBA brought the number of African countries in which it operates from two to 19, according to chief executive Phillips Oduoza.

    Although the rest of Africa today accounts for only about a quarter of UBA’s assets and revenues and 13% of its profits, the bank hopes that figure will rise to about 50% as the new operations begin to yield higher returns.

    Last year, Nigeria’s central bank imposed tighter rules on funding international subsidiaries, part of a wider push to stabilize the sector after a 2009 banking crisis. That will make it harder for others to replicate UBA’s spread, says Oduoza.

    Nevertheless, Segun Agbaje, CEO of GT Bank, says his bank is expanding outside west Africa, where it already operates in six countries. In 2013, he hopes to do a small east Africa acquisition for a new sub-regional operation, based in Kenya.

    After east Africa – where Agbaje hopes to cover Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda – GT’s next step will be Mozambique, Cameroon and ideally Angola, and perhaps new francophone Africa operations, although probably after 2016.

    (via Nigerian banks battle for pan-African dominance /Euromoney magazine)

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    History of Nigeria. 

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    The two biggest bits of Nigeria’s creative industries are film and music. Nollywood is said to be worth US$250 million a year and produces over 2,000 films a year.

    According to a World Bank study, it is Nigeria’s third largest sector after agriculture, retail and crude petroleum and gas and its 3rd largest exporter, contributing just over 10% of export revenues.


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    Episode 3 of the brand new Nigerian-based web series Gidi Up that chronicles the lives of young creatives and professionals in Nigeria’s bustling mega-city, Lagos.

    Catch up on Episode 1 & 2.

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  12. Well done fellas… #Nigeria #Africancupofnations #soccer

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    Social Media Week Lagos | Nigerians + Social Media Infographic

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  14. "Make statements that show you have respect for animals. If he talks about his pet or frets about not finding food for the cat, Archibald, that he brought from Connecticut, be attentive and sympathetic. Remember the cat’s name. Ask after Archibald whenever you meet again."

    How to get foreign friends | Daily Times Nigeria

    This article is 99.9 percent pure gold.

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    This is hilarious on so many levels….

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    Interview with the directors of Nigeria’s first boarding school movie ZR-7

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